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Video Consultation

Consultation via Video Call

We offer teleconsultation options for our existing patients on long-term chronic disease management and selected acute conditions. 

Stable Chronic conditions for Teleconsultation Review and Medication Refill

  • Diabetes

  • High Blood Pressure

  • High Cholesterol

  • Major depression

  • Anxiety

  • Others

*Do note that all teleconsultations are subject to approval by Dr. Chang and triaged for suitability.

** Patients with ARI symptoms (cough, flu, fever, COVID positive etc.) will be required to have a supervised remote ART test done.


1. Video Call via WhatsApp

We will send you a WhatsApp message ~5 minutes before your consultation to remind you to get ready. 

2. MC and Medication

Receive your MC via WhatsApp after payment has been received.

You may opt for Medicine Pick Up (during clinic hours) or Delivery with a fee of $5 - 10. 

3. Charges

Teleconsultation fees start at $30 and exclude medication and delivery charges.

4. Payment Methods

We accept payment via PayNow to UEN 201115855C.

Kindly send us a screenshot once payment has been made.

5. Waiting Time

Do expect to wait up to 30 minutes from your appointment time.
Queue movement is dynamic depending on patient load/complexity and we seek your kind understanding and patience, thank you.

*For same day teleconsultations, kindly WhatsApp or call us for an appointment. Thank you.

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