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Healthier SG

Healthier SG

Healthier SG is a new, national health program for residents that aims to encourage individuals and communities, to adopt healthy habits and make healthier choices in their daily lives.​

As your family clinic, we will work with you on comprehensive care for your health, to develop a closely-monitored, customized care plan for you. 

First Time Benefits include: 
Comprehensive Health Plan

A Comprehensive Health Plan

  • Your 1st onboarding consultation is FREE.

  • During this consultation, Dr. Chang will discuss your chronic conditions and medical history.

  • You will have a comprehensive and personalized Health Plan developed for you.


3000 HealthPoints worth $20

Long-Term Benefits include: 


Free Health Screenings and Vaccinations

  • Based on your eligibility and clinical requirements, you can get FREE (nationally recommended) health screenings and vaccinations.


No cash co-pay when using MediSave for Chronic Conditions (from 2024)

  • You will be able to use MediSave for 100% of your chronic condition bill, up from 85% (subject to your existing limits).


Access to Subsidized Chronic Medicines (from 2024)

  • A new range of subsidized chronic medicines will be available under the new Healthier SG chronic tier with medicine delivery

  • The regular medicines you are familiar with will still be available under existing CHAS subsidies.

Healthier SG Pre-Registration for our existing patients

(above 40 years old) is now open! 

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