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National Healthcare Schemes

CHAS Subsidies for Singaporeans

Singapore Citizens can enjoy CHAS subsidies at our approved GP clinic. 

Patients on the CHAS program receive various amounts of subsidies based on the respective tiers.

Apply for CHAS here :

Pioneer Generation Card.jpg

Pioneer Card (PG)

CHAS card - Green.jpg

Green CHAS Card

Pioneer Generation Card.jpg

Merdeka Card (MG)

PA Card_11Mar14.jfif

Public Assistance (PA)

CHAS card - Blue.jpg

Blue CHAS Card

CHAS card - Orange.jpg

Orange CHAS Card

Medisave for Singaporeans and PRs 

Patients can use their own or family members’ MediSave CPF to pay for out-patient treatment for a list of chronic diseases up to $700 per patient per year. 


Each claim is subject to a 15% co-payment in cash.


Medisave can also be used for recommended vaccinations under NAIS and NCIS, and mammogram screenings (women >50 years).

baby-bonus logo.jpg
Baby Bonus Scheme

Parents can use savings in the CDA (Child Development Account) to pay for the healthcare expenses of their children at our Baby Bonus approved clinic.

MBS @ Gov

Civil servants, pensioners and their dependants on the MBS@Gov scheme at our approved GP clinic will be able to claim reimbursement for a portion of their medical fees.

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